As life begins to resume and we continue to learn to navigate what the entertainment industry looks like during (and hopefully soon post)-pandemic, learn how to make money, market yourself and set yourself up for long-term success!

This weekly online class will get your music career on track by providing the tools that you need to build a thriving music business. Discuss topics of importance to musicians and singers, including How to Manage Stage FrightDeveloping Your Social Media StrategyHow to Get Your Music in Film and TV …Everything You Need to Know About Music Licensing; and so much more!

Join our Business Savvy Community Wednesdays at 7pm CST starting again on October 6th!

See you in the Huddle!

Learn how to grow your music business with valuable insights and knowledge in our 10-week ONLINE Huddle Series.

Sessions occur every Wednesday evening at 7pm CST and are led by Dr. Greta Pope.

October 6 – Getting to Know You 

October 13 – “Making It” in the Music Business

October 20 – Managing Performance Anxiety “Stage Fright”

October 27 – Building Your Brand

November 3 – Developing Your Social Media Strategy

November 10 – Growing Your Email List

November 17 – How Do I Market Myself?

November 24 – Planning Your Recording Project

December 1 – How Do I Get Sponsored?

December 8 – Get Your Music in Film and TV – Music Licensing

Our next cohort begins October 6, 2021.

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Each weekly session is $25, or the entire 10-week series for $200.

What People are Saying About the


"Dr. Greta Pope came along at a time when I was at the end of my ropes and needed intense career guidance and answers. Dr. Pope delivered in spades.

I first began with private voice lessons with Dr. Pope in her  to deconstruct all of the bad habits I'd accumulated through years of vocal inactivity. In this respect Greta performed miracles. Miracles because not only is she an exceptionally skilled vocalist and musician herself, she has the gift of being able to expertly articulate the technique she's teaching in a way that the student can understand, visualize, and actualize. This is indeed a wondrous gift that I appreciate enormously. I've had precious few gifted teachers of this caliber and Greta ranks among the best of the best. My vocal skills have improved enormously as a result of her gifts.

After a period of time, Greta invited me to participate in her Online Huddle. I was very intrigued when she explained it was a meeting place for artists to mingle, collaborate, and exchange ideas. I thought, why not? We were in the middle of a pandemic and what else was I going to do on a Wednesday night? It's a decision I'll never regret. 

It gave me a chance to meet other artists, performers, songwriters, producers, from other parts of the country and listen to their ideas, experiences, and the pitfalls in the entertainment industry they've experienced! The most important aspect of the Online Huddle was the wealth of knowledge Greta had about the business side of entertainment, things artists overlook that can make or break their careers. Managers, producers, lawyers, social media, record projects/contracts, setting goals, cutting costs w/o sacrificing quality, music publishing, licensing, etc. So many things to consider that artists often overlook. 

The part that is most impressive is that Dr. Greta Pope really saw me ... I mean, she SAW me and understood me. Before one of the Online Huddle sessions, I usually arrived earlier than the rest, she gave me the idea for a Brand and a website that would tout my skills, magnify my presence on social media and provide a conduit to meet other talent. The idea was The Colorful Raconteur. Raconteur, in French, means the teller of amusing, funny stories. She also showed me how to feature my other interests, art, design, the culinary arts, style, travel, and of course the art of conversation, to create an interesting, fun, yet compelling website. 

The rest is history. After about six months of research, development, talent recruitment and further sage advice from Greta, The Colorful Raconteur - storytelling in the key of Life made it's very successful debut Friday, 25 June this year!! It's a beautiful, innovative site that I absolutely love. It's given me focus, structure, and an avenue to creative fulfillment. In the process I'm making new friends and contacts and already have some tentative collaborative projects on the board.

Dr. Pope's Online Huddle is a fantastic opportunity and the most worthy investment that an artist can make in him/herself. It is money extremely well spent. Thank you Dr. Pope!! Kudos!

Isaac Conner, The Colorful Raconteur

"The ONLINE Huddle with Dr. Greta Pope is a weekly dose of valuable information! Whether you are a veteran in the industry or just starting out, you are sure to learn something new every time you tune in. I, for one, really enjoy the in-depth discussions and well-defined topics making it easy to follow along at home."

Herschel Daniels, C.E.O., Eternal Wolf Music

"Thank you Dr. Pope for always providing great topics for the Wednesday night ONLINE Huddle classes. I have learned so much from you. I plan to take all of the courses. I’ve already had three very productive Private Consultations with you. Such great information. Thanks so much Dr. Pope!"

Sylvia Fedrick

"Dr. Pope's ONLINE Huddle is not only beneficial to musicians and other artists, but to entrepreneurs in any field because of her extraordinary level of knowledge and experience as well as her exemplary business acumen.

The ONLINE Huddle, in addition to being an invaluable source of information, is also an excellent hub for artists to foster fellowship with one another and network with each other. All of these things not only make the ONLINE Huddle a great place for laying the groundwork for future collaborative endeavors, but also for developing the entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset you need to excel as a professional."

Asa Radcliffe

"Wasn’t sure if the ONLINE Huddle was for me, but I’m so glad that I attended. I’ve learned so much!"

Kim Mann