Do you enjoy singing and want to strengthen your skill while receiving all the benefits singing has to offer?

Discover the joy of singing and unleash your vocal talent in a fun and supportive environment. Led by Dr. Greta Pope, a seasoned entertainer with extensive experience, you'll receive expert guidance and instruction in various music genres.

Dr. Greta Pope has guided countless singers and speakers nationwide, empowering them to develop their voice and refine their skills. With personalized techniques and expert guidance, she'll elevate your elocution and speaking abilities, propelling you forward in your career as a speaker or singer. Boost your confidence and unlock your vocal potential.

From personalized classes for Seniors, live performances, and Masterclasses covering the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of singing for Seniors, we have a variety of options for everyone!


The Benefits of Singing for Seniors

Singing is a remarkable gift that offers a multitude of benefits across physical, psychological, emotional, and social dimensions. It's a holistic experience that enriches lives, regardless of age.

The Physical Benefits of Singing

•Singing strengthens the immune system
•Singing is a workout
•Singing helps with sleep

The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Singing

•Singing is a natural anti-depressant
•Singing lowers stress levels
•Singing improves mental alertness

The Social Benefits of Singing

•Singing can widen your circle of friends
•Singing boosts confidence
•Singing broadens communication skills
•Singing improves your ability to appreciate other singers

The pleasures derived from singing are many. The health benefits are tremendous.

Dr. Greta Pope worked with our senior group so wonderfully. In a short four hour period of time, we learned two group pieces and everyone who wanted to sing a solo was coached on their song of choice. After four hours of class on three consecutive days, we performed our songs for our friends and family. The senior center provided refreshments, and a wonderful time was had by all! Many thanks to Greta!

- Paula Dickman

I loved working with Greta! She coached me on my choice of songs, and I had a great time singing Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” and “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by David Allan Coe. I wore a ten gallon hat and cowboy boots. What a blast! I highly recommend working with Dr. Greta Pope to develop your singing chops!

- Randy Chain

Dear Greta,

Thank you so much for coming to the Buchanan Area Senior Center to work with our Seniors. They all had a wonderful time. The performance was fantastic! We couldn’t believe what you were able to accomplish in four short hours. Everyone loved your Masterclass on “The Many Health Benefits of Singing” and “Performance Anxiety.” We look forward to having you back in December for your “Holiday Sing!” Thanks again for bringing your wonderful programming to our Seniors!

- Diana Smuda, Program Coordinator

The Buchanan Area Senior Center