Unlock the magic of singing and explore its incredible health benefits!

Unlock the magic of singing and explore its incredible health benefits in this enriching 2-hour course led by the esteemed Dr. Greta Pope. In this masterclass, we delve into the physical, mental, and emotional advantages of singing as we age as well as stage fright and how to conquer those fears and gain confidence while enjoying the art of public performance.

Dr. Greta Pope, with her wealth of experience, will guide you through the many facets of singing as a path to better health and confidence. You'll learn techniques to overcome performance anxiety and discover how singing can be a joyful experience.


HI, I'm Dr. Greta Pope


Dr. Greta Pope is an internationally acclaimed entertainer. She is author of Music, Money & You; Managing the Business and has served on the faculty of The Chicago High School for the Arts (ChiArts), where she has taught Vocal Performance, Keyboard Skills, Music Theory, Professional Development for Vocalists/Instrumentalists and Private Voice Lessons. She provides music education at the PrivateMusicStudio.net and is the producer and host of The Business Savvy Singer Podcast, available wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr. Pope is collaborating with Cultural Arts Everywhere to bring quality Arts programming to all communities.

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