Do you enjoy singing and want to strengthen your skill while receiving all the benefits singing has to offer?

In this series of private lessons with Dr. Greta Pope, you will learn to use your voice properly - including developing good breathing technique and vocal placement, how to maintain your vocal health. You’ll also learn ear training, voice modulation, and develop vocal control while learning to sing in “head voice” and “belt range” as you develop a smooth transition between the two.

With two options, the 30-minute weekly lessons are created for children 12 and under and the 60-minute weekly lessons are created for 12 and over.

In the 30-minute weekly lessons students will learn the basics of good vocal technique. They will learn age appropriate songs and continue to develop their love of singing. The 60-minute weekly lessons are for teens and adults. Students will learn good vocal technique along with basic music theory principles, in addition to developing a solid repertoire and nailing auditions and performances.

Dr. Greta Pope has helped singers and speakers across the country develop their voice and build on their skills. She provides personalized techniques to develop elocution and speaking skills to help you get ahead in your career as a speaker or singer. Dr. Greta Pope’s vocal technique develops confidence.


The Benefits of Singing

Whether you are looking to build your career as a singer or conquer a new hobby, singing provides physical, psychological, emotional, and social benefits to all ages.

The Physical Benefits of Singing

•Singing strengthens the immune system
•Singing is a workout
•Singing helps with sleep

The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Singing

•Singing is a natural anti-depressant
•Singing lowers stress levels
•Singing improves mental alertness

The Social Benefits of Singing

•Singing can widen your circle of friends
•Singing boosts confidence
•Singing broadens communication skills
•Singing improves your ability to appreciate other singers

The pleasures derived from singing are many. The health benefits are tremendous. Start your lessons today!

What students are saying

I’ve taken private voice lessons with Dr. Greta Pope since I was ten years old. I just graduated high school and thanks to her expert training and guidance, I have been accepted to the college of my dreams as a Musical Theater major. Thanks so much Dr. Pope. You’ve changed my life!

- Alex Appelbaum

Dr. Pope has been my private voice teacher for six years. She prepared me to win the National Association of Teachers of Singing Chicago Chapter Auditions. She prepared me to get into the music program at my College. She prepared me to win the House of Blues “Bringing Down The House” competition. She prepared me to win an opportunity to sing in the Sarah Vaughn Tribute at City Winery Chicago and… she prepared me to get to the American Idol finals. I am so grateful to Dr. Greta Pope!

- Joshlyn Camille

Many thanks to Dr. Pope! She taught me so much about singing safely and how to take care of my voice. This is so important to me now that I am signed with a major recording label. I’m touring as a solo artist! Thanks Dr. Pope. So cool!

- Ravyn Lenae