So many fantastically talented singers never get anywhere with their careers because they don’t know how to start.

Have you taken lessons, studied hard and practiced tirelessly to be the best Singer possible? Did you think that once you reached a certain level of proficiency, you’d be able to do your own one man/woman show, get respect and earn money with your singing? Have you struggled with putting all of the pieces together? Have you had a hard time building a show that you can be proud of? Have you felt overwhelmed and thought about giving up on your dream?


Building Your own Show


No Matter What You Try...

You can’t escape from the fact that you have talent, you’ve put in the time and effort and you want to do this!

Well…you don’t need to give up!

What if you could...

Build your own show singing the music that you love?

Tour your show and earn money as a professional singer?

Enjoy the glamorous life?

HI, I'm Dr. Greta Pope


For many years, I have performed my one-woman shows to audiences across the world. I created these shows to share things that are important to me. Unique things in my life. I love the music of Cole Porter, so I created An Evening with the Music of Cole Porter to show my admiration for his wonderful music and brilliantly clever lyrics.

I am a Francophile, a lover of the French language and culture, so I built Paris Noir…American Jazz in Paris! to celebrate American Blacks as they ushered in the 20th Century Jazz Era in Paris.

My mother-in-law, Kay Davis, sang with the Duke Ellington Orchestra from 1942-1949, so I created Duke Ellington…The Man, The Music, The Legend! to commemorate her years with his Orchestra. These are just a few of the shows that I offer. Visit my website to read about others.

Each of us has special interests and fascinating stories to tell. Creating your own one-man/one-woman presentation is a great way to tell your story!

I specialize in pulling all the pieces together to help you create a special show that will tell your story and have your audiences loving it! From crafting the story, to selecting and writing unique material, to musical arrangements, to developing your script, to finding musicians. I am a specialist and a one-stop-shop for all of these things.

Let me help you tell your story by creating your own unique show. Learn to book your show and earn money as a professional entertainer. What could be better!


Build Your Own Show

This course gives you the tools to build your own show.
Dr. Greta Pope shares her Proven Formula for career success and how to build your brand, book your tours, sell-out your venues, and make money.

What will you get in this course?

Let’s get down to the business of selecting music that you love! Dr. Greta Pope will coach you for the absolute best results and work with you to build the show of your dreams!

Amaze your family and friends with your polished vocal prowess and the professionalism of your show!

Expert Vocal Coaching

Song selections that you will love

Song text analyzation

Script development

Acting coaching to deliver your script and songs effectively

Professional music arrangements for your show

Feature Episode on The Business Savvy Singer Podcast

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to working with you to build YOUR OWN FABULOUS SHOW!

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

You will have access to the course for 3 months from the time of purchase.

This course is right for you if you’re wanting to impress your family and friends with a full concert featuring YOU!

We are certain that you’ll be happy with the course if you take it seriously. You’ll practice and memorize your songs and your script. You’ll have a fabulous concert ready for your friends and family before you know it! You’ll be a star!

Support is available at [email protected].

There are no additional materials to purchase. Everything that you’ll need is included in the course.


About You

This course is for you if you want to monetize your skills and live the life you’ve always dreamed of as an entertainer.

This course is for you if you want to be the star of your own show.

Maybe you are interested in creating a Cabaret Show that you can tour to the beautiful Cabaret venues across the world. Perhaps you’re retired and looking to start a new career as a singer. You’ve waited all your life, worked hard in another field and now it’s time for you to do the thing you love! Star in your own show!

Perhaps you’re preparing for a local solo concert or you’re opening for another artist. You’ll need to have a well-crafted, well-scripted show that holds the audience’s attention. You need help selecting material, writing your script and polishing your vocals. Or…you’re planning for an audition, perhaps for American Idol, The Voice, or one of the other high-level professional competitions. You want to be at your very best.

This course is for you if you want to control your own destiny.

You want to build a product that is exclusively YOURS, with music that has been selected and arranged just for you. You want a product that you can sell over and over again and earn money while enjoying the benefits of performing.

This course is for you if you want to follow your dreams.

You want to book your show and travel to exciting destinations to perform your show. You’ll meet exciting people, see exciting sites, sing the music that you love and enjoy life!

You deserve it!

Student Testimonial

"Dr. Pope worked tirelessly with me to direct my show! With my input, she selected songs for my show, making sure that the songs were suited to my voice and style.

She gathered information from me and wrote my personalized script. She determined which keys I should sing my songs in so that I sounded fantastic! She created music arrangements for me so that I could easily work with professional musicians in any city that I performed.

She helped me identify good professional musicians, so that when I arrived in the performance city, I could run through my show once with the musicians and be ready for the show. I would never have been able to do all of this without Dr. Pope. She has made this process so easy for me.

I’m touring my own show!

I just follow the same procedure wherever I perform. It’s great! I highly recommend Dr. Greta Pope. She has made my dreams come true!"

-Susan Keller

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