Improve your Skills and Learn to Read Music!

Music theory can feel intimidating if you're just starting out, we're here to help.

Music theory examines musical qualities such as timbre, tone, pitch, and texture, as well as compositional elements such as rhythm, dynamics, tempo, and more.

We help break this down in an easy, digestible live learning experience where students are able to learn at their own pace and ask questions as they need help to better understand.

This 12-hour course takes place over 8 consecutive weeks and is designed to help students grasp basic concepts, improve listening skills and build their understanding of more complex theory in a way that is engaging and easy to follow.

All class materials are included in the price.

Class will meet virtually on Tuesday evenings, October 4th thru November 22nd. 7:00-8:30pm Eastern. 4:00-5:30pm Pacific.


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