Grow your music career with a curated class each Wednesday night
July - September, 2023

Join us every Wednesday for an engaging and transformative musical journey designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry. Our classes cover a wide range of topics, exploring different areas of focus each week. Whether you're an aspiring singer, songwriter, or musician, we have something for everyone.

Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming classes:

July 19 – The Electronic Press Kit…Learn to Create Yours! Unlock the power of self-promotion by mastering the art of creating an impressive electronic press kit (EPK). Learn how to showcase your talent, accomplishments, and unique style through professionally crafted EPKs, essential for making a lasting impression on industry professionals.

July 26 – Music Licensing and Publishing…What Every Songwriter Should Know! Navigate the intricate world of music licensing and publishing as we guide you through the essentials. Gain a comprehensive understanding of copyright laws, royalties, and the steps involved in protecting and monetizing your original compositions.

August 9 – How to Get Gigs…Monetizing Your Business! Discover the strategies and tactics that will help you secure gigs and turn your passion for music into a profitable venture. From finding the right venues to negotiating contracts, we'll provide you with the tools to effectively market yourself and generate income through live performances.

August 16 – How Do I Build My Fanbase? Explore the art of building a loyal fanbase and establishing a strong connection with your audience. Learn effective promotional techniques, social media strategies, and engagement tactics to expand your reach and cultivate a dedicated following.

August 23 – How Do I Brand and Market Myself? Craft a compelling personal brand and develop a strategic marketing plan that sets you apart from the crowd. Gain insights into creating a cohesive image, leveraging digital platforms, and effectively communicating your unique musical identity to attract industry attention.

August 30 – I'm Ready to Record My Project. Now What? Take the next step in your musical journey as we guide you through the process of recording your project. From selecting the right studio and engineers to understanding the technical aspects of the recording process, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to bring your musical vision to life.

September 6 – Your Website…What Should It Say About You? In this class, you'll gain invaluable insights into building a captivating website that truly represents your unique brand and artistic identity.

September 13 – Let’s Talk About Touring! Are you ready to take your show on the road? This class will teach you essential tools and techniques to navigate the touring landscape with confidence.

October 25 – Performance Anxiety...A Singer's Guide to Working Through It! This class will help you conquer your fear of stage fright with strategic tools and tips.

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